Government Weed Review

It’s been a while now since the first federally legal stores have opened, and it seems as if they are still having a lot of trouble serving custies at the government trap houses. The crazy thing is, the stores are packed and everything is always sold-out. So it’s not like they are going out of business, they are just not very good at doing business.

Anyway, a lot of you locals have probably tried it and seen what the state serves to its people. Certified government mids for regular street prices. This whole SQDC fiasco has become a MEME with local media and celebrities poking fun at all the comedic fails provided to us by our provincial dope dealers. If you are curious about the experience, this video will give you a fair representation of how it goes down, what it looks like and how it smokes. I also compare it to some local craft medial cannabis you won’t find at your state ran dispensary.