Garden Visit: Maple Budder With Bikes and Milks!

I love garden visits, especially when they are teched-out and got some fire genetics, just like the medical facility ran by the Maple Budder crew. This is part one of two in which we visit a room full of the legendary Where’s My Bike strain by Karma Genetics where we discuss their love for the Bike as well as other controversial subjects such as flower rosin VS hash rosin. We also take a quick look at their mother room and discuss what’s next in the line-up genetic wise and much more.

Here is part two of the Maple Budder visit. This time we hit their LED room filled with Mother’s Milk, a stain known to produce buds that hold 25%+ THC content. Neil shows us his super crop tech, talk about LED spectrum and how it affects different strains in different ways. We hit their new hash room for some bubble hash processing and much more!