Bong Voyage- Quebec Ep 3- Rotten Cheeses at Rawdon Falls

On this episode, we visit one of the most famous watering holes close to the city. If you’re an immigrant, your parents probably brought you there as a youngster, it’s sort of a rite of passage in becoming a Canadian. For those who are not familiar, I’m talking about Rawdon. Park des Cascades is the main attraction and it is quite a unique place with big rocky outcrops which allow smaller rivers and waterfalls to flow through them creating natural jacuzzis, perfect for hanging out in. The vibe is super laid back, and it does get hectic sometimes and now, they even have a convenient store that blasts reggeaton all day on their outdoor speakers.

If it gets too crowded, you can always drive a couple of minute down the street to the all mighty Dorwin Falls, where the vibe is much more relaxing and quiet.

Your day pass gives you access to both Dorwin Falls and Parc Des Cascades as well as the municipal sandy beach which we did not explore on this episode because it’s not nearly as cool and beautiful as the other locations. We also tried some local products which turned out to be a letdown, kind of what is happening with the legal cannabis market here in Canada.

Enjoy the episode!