Bong Voyage- Quebec Ep1: Darts and Dabs at Gay Falls

Bong Voyage is a series which chronicles my travels around the world in a pursuit to seek out the most beautiful and inspiring place and people, in cannabis-friendly locations (mostly). We begin this journey with our own backyard, the province of Quebec where our natural beauty is reflected in our slogan “La Belle Province” which translates to “The Beautiful Province”. So diverse and unique, you will definitely remember, as our poorly translated official motto points out, “Je me souviens”!

On this first episode of Bong Voyage-Quebec, we hit up one of my favorite spots near Montreal called Chutes Sainte Marguerite aka “Gay Falls”. It’s a wonderful location with tons of beautiful cascades along the river where you can lounge and cool off on a hot summer day. This place has a super laid back vibe and is known for being frequented by nudists and people from the gay community. It’s situated about an hour drive from Montreal and there is free parking on site, however, be prepared to walk a bit before having access to the cascades so pack light.

In this episode, we show you how to roll a filterless “dart” style joint and hit some solventless dabs in different locations along the river. This place is really magical and has a very cool vibe where freedom comes first. BTW, that was sunscreen on my face so don’t get it twisted LMFAO. If you have any questions regarding this location, leave a comment below and I will do my best to get to you.