Bong Voyage- Quebec Ep 15: Final Destination- Le Rocher Percé

In this episode of Bong Voyage we hit the crown jewel of Quebec, this magical place called Le Rocher Percé which is a monumental sheer rock formation with a hole in it. We also stop at Murdocville that has one at one of the world’s biggest copper mines which is now abandoned and is begging to be destroyed with graffiti.
We finish this whole thing off at the Emerald waterfall which is located very close to Le Rocher Percé and is a really beautiful place worth hitting up if you are spending time in that part of Gaspesie.
Totally in love with Quebec. This is the season finale and one of my favorite episodes. I hope you enjoyed the first season of Bong Voyage, the Quebec Edition.
Big shoutout to my cousin Alex Izraev who shot and edited most of the episodes in this series.
Bong Voyage Alaska coming up next………