12 YouTube Channels That Will Help You Grow Cannabis

So you finally made the decision of growing your own meds and like most of us, you are spending a lot of time online trying to make sense of all the info from what seems like an infinite amount of sources. One of the most powerful tools for learning is through YouTube videos.  Even though the platform is not friendly to cannabis content, it holds some of the best content that has definitely helped me and gave me tons of knowledge, at no cost. There is so much content on there, it’s a whole job in itself to figure out which creators are giving you accurate and relevant info and which ones are just wasting your precious time.  This is why I made you this list of recommended YouTube channels that have really helped me over the years. In no particular order, here are my top 12 Youtube channels that are specifically related to growing cannabis and why I think you should check them out!

Mr. Canucks Grow

If you are just getting into growing, Mr. Canucks Grow is one of the most popular and informative channels on Youtube. The editing and narration are super on point, the content is always detailed and he covers most of the things you would want to know as a first-time grower, especially if you want to grow with organic amendments. Super highly recommended channel, can’t say enough good things about it.


Future Cannabis Project

The Future Cannabis Project is an awesome platform that highlights and features some of the most prolific names in the industry. This channel is active and has a ton of videos with great interviews, garden tours, grow tips as well as many informative discussions about the business in general with a heavy emphasis on organic and regenerative practices. It’s a great place to soak in info as well as discover other knowledgeable players in the game.

Grand Master Level

GML is a great channel from a very talented and experienced grower who is also the Canadian rep for the HLG LED grow-light brand. One of the main highlights of the channel is the weekly GML live streams where he features many other talented heads in the industry.  The channel can be particularly relevant to you if you are doing the coco and LED combo as this is his method of growing. I think he had to take down a bunch of content but this channel still rocks and the GML show is still going.

Growing Exposed

Growing Exposed is more than just a channel, it’s a professionally produced show that highlights large scale legal operations all over the States. The production value is off the charts and the grow-ups they visit are very impressive. It’s extremely inspiring and informative as well as fun to watch because it’s professionally put together. I’m pretty sure the channel is backed by a nutrient company, and overall feels more “corporate” but it’s not in a negative way. If a nutrient brand wants to produce super informative, high-end content for the people, I’m not mad at that, I encourage it. Go check them out!

From Seed To Stoned

From seed to Stoned is one of the top channels I recommend for your average home grower. He covers tons of topics with highly informative and well put together videos that are fun to watch. He documents his grow journeys and drops a lot of knowledge along the way. Lots of useful grow guides and detailed instructions. If you are starting a tent grow or already have one, I would defs check him out!


Migro is the king of LED light reviews. It’s very clean-cut and scientific. Shane might look like he’s super blazed but the videos are all facts no BS. Before you spend top dollar on a LED setup, make sure to peep his channel. Chances are he already tested, reviewed, and rated the lights you are thinking of getting. He also does some nice grow comparisons and other informative videos related to lighting and indoor growing.

Cali Green

Cali Green makes informative and straightforward videos about growing organics indoors under LED. He has a few very detailed runs from A to Z and everything in between. I thoroughly enjoy his grow journals and have learned a lot from the channel.

Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens

One of the best ways of learning about organic growing is by studying people that are gardening food. One of my favorite YT garden gurus is John from GrowingYourGreens. He’s extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I love his energy and the content he puts out there. It’s a fresh perspective from another grower who is not in the canna industry and is not trying to sell you a canna related product. There is a lot to be learned from channels and gardeners like this.

Lex Blazer

Lex’s World is a channel dedicated to furthering your knowledge of Cannabis and he does a damn good job at it. I have come upon his page looking up specific topics and if Lex covered it I was relieved because he rarely if ever disappoints. This is a serious channel by a man who seriously loves cannabis and sharing his knowledge with the world. A Youtube OG with tons of vides dating back 6 years.

Everest Fernandez

Although he is not as active on his channel these days, Everest Fernandez has been one of my main sources of information when I try to wrap my head around specific growing subjects. He covers it all, talks really fast, and laser blasts you with a shit ton of knowledge in each video. It’s not always about growing cannabis but the concepts and info definitely apply. Hopefully we start seeing new content from him soon.

Shango Los

Shango Los is an OG in the game and is the host of the Shaping Fire podcast. He interviews a lot of OGs that spit major game, you just gotta pay attention. He also films a lot of seminars and panels at events which is very much appreciated. This channel is geared towards people who are already very engaged with the culture and want to dive even deeper. It’s not the most popular channel but it’s definitely one of the headiest.

Dudes Grow Show

Something about watching the Dudes Grow Show puts me in a jolly mood. Those guys have a fun positive energy and are not super serious the whole time so it makes the show fun to watch. It’s well-produced and they always have something fresh to talk about. Huge shout out to DGS, one of the most consistent channels in the game.

Wizard NPK

Wizard NPK has come up a few times on my early, deep searches about grow topics on YouTube. This Colorado grower has a sweet channel with informative content, specifically pertinent for those growing with salts. Regardless of your growing style, most growers can find something useful in his videos.

There are a ton more out there like Just In Time To Grow and Mr. Grow it, these are just the top dozen I personally follow. If you have any dope cannabis YouTube channels to recommend, make sure to leave a comment below.