This Delta Flex T-shirt was designed with discretion in mind. We understand that being a stoner is a big part of your identity, but sometimes overemphasizing this can get you in unnecessary trouble.

Why give the border guy more reasons to ask you questions about things you don't need to talk about, right?

This is why our Delta Flex design is made in a way that does not draw attention to your stoner ass. 

It simply looks like a nice sportswear company or skate brand, so you can take flights at ease and not have to worry about getting profiled because of the pot leaves in your t-shirt logo. 

They might look at you and think, " This guy probably owns a red Ducati" because that's the vibe this shirt gives. 

I'm going to be real with you, it's a white t-shirt, it might get dirty fast but you invested hella money on flights, hotel, cannacup tickets and you don't want no beef at the airport because all you own is stoner gear, covered in rez with hella weed designs and you bout to fuck your whole weekend up. 

Do the right thing, get a fresh Delta Flex T-shirt and save yourself the hassle.

Also great for first dates.

Dabacana, solving one canna problem at a time!