Graff-Disease is a little-known condition which has devastating effects on those who are attained by this malady.

There are very few studies in this field but so far evidence shows that people suffering from graff-disease (which is also known in the community as "GD") will exhibit abnormal behaviors that can be harmful to themselves and the ones around them.

As someone who has suffered from this condition for years, getting over my GD was the biggest challenge of my life. 

This is why we teamed up with the North American Graff-Disease Association aka NAGDA to raise awareness for this rare but severe mental illness which affects millions of males around the world.

The design is by @SNEAKERSHIGH, a recovering GD patient who has been graffiti free for over 69 weeks.

Help raise awareness for GD by supporting Dabacana and NAGDA in the fight against post-teenage Graff Disease Syndrome.