Agency Services

Dabacana offers a wide range of services and creative solutions, specializing in the cannabis and graffiti niches. Our roots are deep in the culture and our contributions have gained us a reputation for being uncompromisingly authentic. With over a decade of experience in the field working with some of the biggest names in the game, our signature style and expertise give us a unique edge, not found in other agencies.

The following is a list of services and products we currently offer clients:


Branding consultation: We help you build your brand with in-depth consulting on all details related to your image, identity, and philosophy. Your look, what you stand for and your mission are critical aspects of your brand that need to be examined, defined, and clearly outlined. We are here to guide you through the process from A to Z making sure your brand is optimized for your target audience.

Logos, look, identity: We don’t take short cuts when it comes to conceptualizing and designing a company logo as we know how important it is to have this done right. Coming from a street-art background, our team has some of Canada’s most skilled and celebrated logo creators. We work with industry leaders to provide the ultimate gamut of styles, looks, and design languages that will make sure to give you that extra flair that sets you apart. The experience, creativity, and reputation of our team is recognized worldwide.

Merchandising: We offer a wide range of options when it comes to merchandising and branding products. Choosing the right styles, materials, and designs as well as providing local production and drop shipping solutions for your e-commerce shop. We focus on conceptualizing branded goods that make a statement and resonate with your audience. We also facilitate strategic collaborations with other creators and brands in the community as well as provide solutions for product placement and branded sponsorships.


Content consulting: In today’s social media landscape, content is king. How you get discovered and how you stay relevant depends largely on what you put out there. Our team is responsible for creating powerful stories for well over a decade providing clients a level of authenticity that can’t be manufactured. We are immersed in the subcultures we specialize in, working within the community from the roots up. Our consulting is backed by many examples of hugely successful videos, photography, and articles that got us to work with some of the most trusted names in the game.

Photo content: Dabacana specializes in lifestyle photography, street style editorials, and viral content. Our distinguished raw style has earned us a reputation over the years allowing us to work with great giants in the game such as MindGeek, UFC champion Mike Bisping, Bombing Science, Green Label as well as many other artists and businesses. We provide different photo solutions and strategies at all scales, custom-tailored for each client. We also offer one of the world’s most comprehensive cannabis stock photo libraries for brands.

Video content: When it comes to content, nothing is more engaging and effective than videos. The impact a brand can have with a fifteen-second clip is extremely powerful. This is a key element in communicating your promotions, presenting products, connecting with existing followers as well as getting discovered by new potential clients. Commercials, video clips, editorials, lifestyle vlogs, viral content, reviews, interviews, we’ve done it all on many different levels and are equipped to provide you with the highest quality video production necessary for each task.

Articles, SEO, Media kits: From guerilla journalism on Mook Life to porn star bios on RedTube, when it comes to written content, Dabacana uses the latest tools to craft the perfect articles that will bring in major traffic and bump you up in those search results on Google. Media kits, reviews, in-depth articles, fun reads, we can do it all, no exception, no fillers. Only that good stuff that will get you traffic.


Social media consulting: Running a successful and healthy social media account is a key element of any company that provides goods and services to clients. There is a lot of dedication that goes in to nurturing and growing these accounts and most importantly, building relationships with your core followers. Your social media platform of choice is the face that represents you on the internet. It is your storefront, your window display, and the place where most people will interact with you. It is also where customers will either post their complaints or give you free publicity because they love your products. It is absolutely imperative to have a solid grip on your social media accounts and how they are managed.

Social Media Management: We offer in-depth training on how to manage and maximize your social media presence. We can also run the accounts for you completely, posting, interacting, and engaging with your network on your behalf.

Growth strategies: Having good content and posting daily is simply not enough to see explosive growth on your account. Without a proper growth strategy, your content will, unfortunately, go unnoticed by the large majority of potential customers as well as the followers you already have. Getting your brand to work with the right influencers and growth services along with optimizing the tools on your platform is all part of a carefully crafted growth strategy that will help your content blow up and get people familiar with your brand. There is no one size fits all templates when it comes to content and strategy this is why we custom build one for each client with his exact needs, budget, challenges, and expectations.

For more information, please contact or hit us up on IG @Mooklife