Guide: Are You A Cannabis Snob Or A Connoisseur?

I’ve been called a weed snob on many occasions, which in Montreal, it basically means you’re smoking without tobacco and you don’t smoke commercial weed.  I don’t take offense, but it did have me thinking, am I really a weed snob?

I feel like the word snob is inaccurate to describe people like me. I’m more of a connoisseur than a snob. I just know what I like and I appreciate high grade, high-quality cannabis to the highest degree. In desperate times like during travel, I will smoke brick weed and street hash mixed with tobacco, everyone has their thresholds and standards; we are not here to judge.  We only want to make sense of these bold claims and educate the public.

So how does one differentiate the weed snob from the weed connoisseur? Answer these questions and find out!

  • Do you look down on people who smoke mids?
  • Do you feel superior as a grower because you chose salts over organics or organics over salts?
  • Do you refuse to hit flower rosin even if its dank?
  • Do you refuse to hit top shelf BHO even if it’s tested and clean?
  • Do you judge people when you see them hit dabs on China rigs?
  • Do you flex expensive boof in fancy packaging?
  • Are you a hype-lord that rides waves and stirs up drama in the community to get attention?
  • Are you always trying to flex on people at the sesh?
  • Do you constantly brag about which celebrity you puffed with and how many cups you won?
  • Are you a clout chaser? Tagging people, name dropping, trying to get validated by industry leaders, without anything to offer?

If you answered YES to a few of those questions, chances are you’re a certified weed snob. Cannabis to you is just another way of asserting a certain status by associating yourself with elitist brands and a shallow materialistic mindest. When it’s all about prices, big names, showing-off and judging others, it’s no longer passion-driven: its classic snobbery.

Let’s see how you do on the following questions…

  • Do you spend a considerate amount of time educating yourself about the things you love in the Cannabis world?
  • Are you excited about trying out new tech, developing new tech, and perfecting your own tech?
  • Do you try to red pill people into the connoisseur market by sharing the fire with them?
  • Would you sacrifice quantity for quality?
  • Do you own a set of bubble bags, sift screens, or a rosin press?
  • Do you nerd out and get stoked when you see or taste something completely new and unique?
  • Do you support local glass blowers?
  • Is there a special section for cannabis literature on your bookshelf?
  • Are you one of those people who are most concerned about the refinement of the product rather than the packaging it came in or the name it was given?
  • Do you travel to hunt for new terps and meet with other members of the community in foreign lands?

If you answered yes to a few or all of those questions, chances are you’re a cannabis connoisseur and a huge weed nerd as well.

The main difference is that the snob is mostly driven by status, ego, and greed. While the connoisseur is driven by passion, love, and curiosity. The snob wants to be perceived as the best but the connoisseur wants to produce and experience the best.

This concludes our questionnaire. Where do you stand in the sphere of weed snobs and cannabis connoisseurs? Leave a comment, share with a friend, help people get red-pilled into the connoisseur way of life!