Growing Organic Cannabis Is Easy, Cheap, and Rewarding!

Growing weed is one of those things many of us just assume is very hard and time-consuming so we don’t even bother trying. At first glance, it can be extremely intimidating because there are so many strains, styles of growing, products, and overall variables, the thought of diving into growing is just more than most of us can handle. Let’s not forget the initial investment as well as dwelling situations that might not allow you to do it yourself at home.

There are many reasons why you might leave it to the “pros” and I don’t blame you. Not everyone has the interest, time, or space to start growing cannabis but many of you do, so I want to provide a bit of information and shed light on my experience in hopes to inspire you to get your feet wet.

This post will not go into great detail on how to do it, it’s more of an argument with facts, tools, and opinions from my personal journey to demonstrate that growing organic cannabis is easy, fun, cheap, and very rewarding! All the photos in this post are from my first organic home grow.

One of the main misconceptions about growing is that it’s hard and complicated. Maybe if you want to start a licensed commercial operation, I can see how that is true but, growing 4 plants at home in 2020 is actually a joke. It only takes a few hours a week to tend to your plants and if you pay attention and follow the guidelines, chances are you will end up with some fire chronic, 100% organic and pesticide-free, no fuck shit, just that straight tiny batch kill! I did it on my first batch using very simple techniques and even though I had some problems the end result was better than most of what you can get in the legal market.

There are great soil solutions such as Stepwell and Black Swallow who offer pre-charged organic soils that mostly only need watering, maybe some microbes, a bit of top dressing but that’s about it. All you have to do is water and you will be growing organically and very cost-effectively as you can reuse the soil for your future runs. Some of my first plants were in Stepwell + EM1 and the end product was phenomenal. Those who have followed my journey already know.

Now, when it comes to everything else, the setup, how things work, when to defoliate, controlling temperatures and humidity, which lights you should get, most of these could be answered with a YouTube video or a quick google search. There are TONS of amazing content creators on YouTube who have channels dedicated to answering all of these types of questions. Here is a list of some of my favorite channels that helped me set up my first grow and answered most of the questions with their content:

One of the top channels with some of the best content on YT is Mr. Canucks Grow. He has super detailed videos that are so well edited and he has a very simple and effective way of growing using Gaya Green top dressing amendments in coco. Though I have never smoked his product, the plants in his video look top-notch, the guy is just a beast with his method. If you are getting into growing, this is one of the top channels I would recommend.

Another awesome and insightful channel is Cali Green. So much knowledge, super well produced and no BS, just facts and details, no half-assign anything with Cali Green.

Lex’s World is another channel that really helped me understand a lot about cannabis growing with tons of subject-specific content that is just teeming with knowledge. Definitely strongly recommend it.

I might just have to dedicate an entire post to all my YT and IG growing sources because the list is way too long. The point being, we are in this new golden era of growing when the hardware is very efficient and affordable and the knowledge is out there for free in great abundance. We made it super easy for anyone to grow, all you have to do is put in some effort and pay attention, it costs nothing…

One of the major reasons why people tend to pass on starting a home grow is the initial investment that can be a little pricey for some, especially if you want to buy the best quality equipment on the market. Honestly, if you’re dead broke, maybe starting a home grow is not a priority. However, if you already comfortably spend $500+ monthly on cannabis and related products, you can definitely afford a 4×4 tent that can potentially provide you a pound or more of high-quality organic cannabis every three to four months! Lets say you get a pound every four months that’s about a quarter-pound of weed a month you don’t have to buy. It doesn’t take a math wiz to figure out that the savings are huge and the initial investment gets covered after a couple of crops. I made a video detailing a price breakdown for all the necessary things you need for a 4×4 grow in this Weed School video on my IGTV. Make sure to check it out.

Another advantage of growing is that you can always upgrade as you go. You don’t have to spend the big bucks right away, you can start with a budget setup and progressively ameliorate your tech. Just make sure you get a decent LED light with high-quality full-spectrum diodes, proper soil and microbes as well as a decent ventilation system. Most importantly, don’t fall for the hype. Everyone is always trying to sell you something in the cannabis world, use the internet, talk to people, ask questions before jumping on products.

Once you’re up and running, after all the emotions and drama of your first run, you will feel a great sense of reward smoking a high-quality, clean product that you grew yourself. A type of satisfaction only growers understand. If you’re really passionate about cannabis and consume tons of it, growing will only make you more knowledgable as well as allow you to be part of this greater conversation about growing which is only truly reserved to the people in the community who actually grow. You might be a connoisseur but until you’ve grown your own, there are just some ciphers you can’t be part of.

Lastly, I would like to add that the enthusiast growing community is really cool and supportive. When you take the corporate greed and business side out of the cannabis, you are left with super passionate, super involved humans that are always ready to talk about all things growing and help you with open arms when you are facing problems.

Don’t be scared, smoke some dubes, watch some vids, read some articles, and get your little 4 plant grow going. You never know where it will take you and the worst that can happen is that you will learn a shit ton of things about this amazing plant!