Buzzkills And How To Avoid Them

Alright, folks, we are here to talk about the uncomfortable, the unpleasant and the awkward. The word buzzkill is an amazing invention and it perfectly describes people and situations that will totally blow your high. They might be obvious to some but I bet you have fallen victim to at least one if not all the classic downers. This is cannabis etiquette for all stoners and occasional tokers to follow in order to avoid these unfortunate predicaments that will totally crash your high.

Talking politics

I hate to admit it but I do this all the times and I’m sorry for all the people I’ve made extremely uncomfortable over the years with one of my wild rants. With today’s highly politicized and polarizing atmosphere, everyone has a really strong opinion about everything but few can discuss this in a civilized manner. Someone always gets emotional and it can get real ugly real fast for no reason which will not only blow your high but anyone who’s chilling with you aswell. Look, man, I know you read some shit online and sat through a four-hour podcast doing big globs of rosin this whole afternoon and you just can’t fucking WAIT to spit the knowledge and let everyone know about the latest scoop from the Trump scandal but think twice before opening that big mouth of yours. If you are not around people who are truly openminded and tolerant, maybe it’s best you test the waters first. Unless you’re a huge troll or just DGAF, then proceed to dive in and say what you want… Freedom of expression is at the core of all civilized societies, I encourage it but you risk fucking up the vibe when you play those games so be careful. This brings me to the next point.

Social Justice Warriors and Armchair Activists

It’s no secret, SJWs are wicked annoying and so are people who are constantly crusading against isms or for isms, ain’t nobody got time for that shit at the sesh. I’m all for respectful debate but finding intellectually honest people in 2020 is as rare as finding good weed at the government trap-house. It’s a two-way street, gotta avoid them but also avoid being another version of them as well.

Talking to parents

Who are the peachiest of them all if not our parents? I’m in my 30’s and have smoked up with my mom and we have even grown plants in the backyard together and I still feel awkward when she calls me right after a fat dab. I still get that fear inside me like I’m about to be in big trouble if she finds out. If you ignore the call, it’s the end of the word. OMG! Something MUST be wrong with you and now she won’t stop calling and texting worried sick and you have to deal with that hella stoned. Relax breh, just answers the damn phone call and deal with it ASAP so you can get back to your Rick and Morty. She made you and you literally came out of her so what are you scared of? Just don’t sound like you’re dying on the phone and everything is going to be just fine.

Speaking in public

Speaking in public can be nerve-racking, especially when stoned on them trippy terps that give you the fear. I don’t know how these rapper and comedians do it, get all fucking blazed and hit the stage like it ain’t shit, but I guess that’s what makes them awesome, and professionals to some extent. Just the thought of being put on the spot by a comedian in a crowd makes me hella anxious. I avoid that shit like I avoid mids. Probably say something dumb because I’m nervous and have the comedian clown me on a Netflix special. Some people handle this with easy but even a seasoned vet like myself can get caught off guard and have a mini anxiety attack that will definitely crash my high, but only if I let it. The anticipation is often more intense than the act so you just got to take a deep breath and fight through it. It will be alright unless you literally shit in your pants in which case it’s kind of fucked but its still not the end of the world. Stay positive dude, it’s only talking to people, you won’t die even if it might feel like it. 

Talking to cops

Even if you’re 100% legit and are not breaking any laws, you can say goodbye to your high when talking to the boys in blue. Years of heavy prohibition laws have forever scarred our psyche resulting in paranoia and PTSD when dealing with police. Shit happened to me just the other day as I was walking around with my brother, smoking, taking pictures on a hot corner when the cops rolled up on us like: “Hey, is that a film camera?” My first reaction was like, aww shit, here we go again… but the cop was super nice and genuinely seemed stoked about shooting film and kept asking me camera questions. They just wished us a nice day and kept rolling. That shit caught me off guard and was mad awkward.

I’ve been having my ACMPR license for years as a medical user which gives me peace of mind and extra protection, also allows me to grow my own medicine. If you’re a medical user, I strongly suggest looking into getting an ACMPR license from Health Canada. This way, regardless of whats going on in the legal market, you’re always federally covered with your ACMPR.

Hopefully one day the stigma of cannabis will completely vanish and people will no longer associate it to anything illegal. Until then, stay clean, stay safe, know your rights and don’t let these five things blow your high!