Five Reasons Why Quebecers Are Not Breaking Up With Their Dealers

Weed is now legal but many people in Quebec are just not ready to break up with their dealer. Here are five reasons why I think people are not ready to walk away with their plug in favor of government peddled boof.

1- Relationships

When someone consistently, over many years, has provided you good service with products that you enjoy, you tend to develop a relationship with them. However shallow or deep it is, it exists. They know your name, they know what you like and they have probably been in your house. You might even smoke one together and hang-out sometimes. It’s a lot more personal in most cases and often dealers become good friends with their clients which is something I don’t see happening when you go shopping at the SQDC. When was the last time you invited an SAQ worker to your house for drinks? That would be hella awkward. The way they set it up, it feels stale, like you’re going to any other government facility. I never became friends with an SAQ worker or an SAAQ worker and I doubt I will be telling the girl behind the counter at the SQDC to come sesh with us after her shift is done. However last week, my plug invited me to a huge sesh and got us Chinese food on the house. It’s a different dynamic.

2- Price/quality/varieties

Weed on the street is cheaper and the dealer allows you to buy more than 30 grams at a time. In fact, the more you get the less you will pay so it’s a big incentive to purchase bigger quantities. The SQDC might have a lot of different unfamiliar names on the menu but when you figure out what those cultivars are, you realize that most of them have been available on the streets for years. Meanwhile, small scale growers in the craft cannabis community are known to have superior quality and better varieties of cannabis compared to the choices and quality at the government outlet.


At the SAQ you can get sample tasting and look at the liquor bottles, in the SQDC they can’t even show you the weed or let you smell it. I mean for decades now, the two determining factors that allowed you to make a choice when buying weed was looking at it and smelling it and now the legal stores won’t let you do that? Stores have really limited hours of operation. Just Googled them on a Monday afternoon and every single one is closed. Most local dealers/services are available around 12+ hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, pay attention to the low Google Review ratings, nothing above 3.3 stars…

4- Exclusivity

You know something is fundamentally wrong with the system when the Licenced Producer’s employees buy their weed from craft ACMPR growers. Some LP employees get a huge weed allowance for the year and they still chose to spend their hard-earned money on “black market” top-notch cannabis. LPs don’t have the latest genetics with them fly terps, grown in small batches by a guy who probably takes care of the plants better than he takes care of himself. They still don’t sell concentrates which is a huge market that is exclusive to the underground. If you want top-of-the-line, award-winning flowers and concentrates you won’t find it at your local SQDC, so what is the incentive for someone like me to go there?


The internet killed many things and now it’s also killing your local dealer as well as gouging at the profits of legal sales. Sure, there are lots of people selling mids and sus products online BUT there are also very reputable sites that carry reputable brands. You are no longer at the mercy of what is available to you in your city, you can shop around and chose the site that has the products from the growers or collectives you respect. Regardless of your passion for cannabis, ordering weed online has been going on for many years before legalization took place so it’s going to be tough to snatch those clients when they already had a thing going with a site or delivery service.

Bottom line, there is not enough incentive for most people to break up with their dealers, yet. Regardless of your level of involvement, the so-called black market has more to offer with exclusive genetics, better services, better bulk prices, way more choices of products, and the dealer might even take you out for sushi one day and gift you some fire rosin.

With over-regulation and a monopoly on sales, there will always be a black market. What would be awesome is if they just regulated a free market and let everyone participate as they see fit. As long as you pay for permits, get the product tested and pay your sales tax, we should all have the right to sell cannabis and related products. I guess charging for permits and crazy taxes is not enough, they want to sell the fucking drugs also. For these reasons, many people have not yet broken up with their dealer and unless things change drastically, this love affair will keep going for a lot longer than they expected.